For the love of progression. CustomMade, UpCycling and original MadeToOrder goods are not only great EcoValue but are also unique products. 6T9 buys and sells CustomMadeGoods


The 6T9 label is creating custom made fashions from new and preloved items.  

From bleaching to slashing, and appliques to sawn off, the crafting of aberdashery is about to excell. 6T9 label creates and distributes the most unique and one off items available. The sourcing of kookie goods and material patterns is essential. You can sell your vintage and strange designs to 6T9.  Use the contact form online to enquire.


Alongside the eco value of custom made and  preloved goods, you get the chance to buy and sell from 6T9!

The process of recycling waste and surplus products has progressed dramatically in most industry sectors.  6T9 is creating a fashion range from upcycled materials from clothing and other packaging products.  Focusing on weaving techniques the initial objective is to create cloth, cords and fasteners.  This will be a very exciting adventure in a new field of discovery.  If you would like to collaborate then please get in touch.


6T9 can create your ideas and imagination and turn them into reality, by providing made to order services. 

6T9 can make to order any garment or soft furnishing design.  As a client you can supply your own ideas or let 6T9 do it all for you.  Orders can be individual or industrial amounts.  Themes can also be crafted and customised to any detail.  The present made to order service is booked until April 2021.  Please enquire if you are interested in pre booking an order or discussing small projects.


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